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Sendai Miyagi iPhone repair

Good morning!!

iPhoneWe are SMAPPLE Sendai branch! We return your iPhone on the same day(^^♪

I will show you an iPhone6s repair by changing liquid crystal panels today.

The customer from Miyaginoku Sendai.

There are two types of damages: glass and liquid crystal panel. When you drop your iPhone, both of them can happen.

Once the liquid crystal panel also broken, the panel has lines, black stains or other symptoms.

Most of the cases, it turns into out of order.

On the other hand, in a case of the glass cracks, most people can use the phone as is without problems.

Have you seen anybody with broken iPhone? We call the iPhones with broken glass “Baki Phone.”

You better have your phone repaired if your phone has such symptoms, because if you drop Baki Phone, it can cause liquid crystal panel cracks or damages on its electric board. 

It takes about 30min for changing panels at SMAPPLE Sendai branch.

We repaired this terminal this time.

You can see lines in the liquid crystal panel without cracks!

No touch sensor was working, he was in trouble very much

Don’t give up with these damages in the liquid crystal panel(^^♪

We can figure it out for about 30min!

Tadah♬Here is the phone after repair!!

Beautiful as before(^_-)-☆

Touch operation seems going well! No problem at all★

How about the repair fees(*_*;

SMAPPLE Sendai branch offers the cheapest cost in the area!!

First of all, changing glass fees

iPhone 7Plus 14,500yen

iPhone 7 10,600yen

iPhone 6sPlus 10,600yen

iPhone 6s 7,700yen

iPhone 6Plus 8,700yen

iPhone 6 5,800yen

iPhone SE 6,700yen

iPhone 5s 6,700yen

iPhone 5c 6,700yen

iPhone 5 6,700yen

As of 4 Nov. 2017

Next, changing liquid crystal panel fees

iPhone 7Plus 16,500yen

iPhone 7 13,600yen

iPhone 6sPlus 13,600 yen

iPhone 6s 10,700 yen

iPhone 6Plus 10,700 yen

iPhone 6 8,790 yen

iPhone SE 9,700 yen

iPhone 5s 9,700 yen

iPhone 5c 9,700 yen

iPhone 5 9,700 yen

As of 4 Nov. 2017

Please compare with the fees of other shops(^^)/

There are shops of au, docomo, softbank and Apple store, so you can compare with the fees at career shops.

Please refer to this directions for our shop!

The location fo SMAPPLE Sendai branch

We hope we have a lot of contacts from you!

Thank you for reading, SMAPPLE Sendai branch♬

We repair iPhone in Sendai city.

We can repair iPhone which is broken 
during the trip for 15 to 60 minutes.
We deal with Glass Replacement, LCD
 Replacement,and Water Damage Repair
 and return your device on the same day.
Please call us.

Store Name: SMAPPLE Sendai
Address:1-6-27 5F Sensin Bld., Chuo ,
 Aoba-ku Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 
980-0021, Japan
Phone Number:022-397-9028
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営業時間10:00 ~ 21:00



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